About Us

Malachy Harkin – CEO

Malachy has been Chief Executive of Task Telecom Intl since its inception in 2011. He has over 30 years experience in the IT & Telecoms sector since the liberalisation of the Telecoms market in Ireland in the early 90’s. A former Director of Stentor Plc, he has held various Board positions in Saudi Bells, Vimio Plc, Coolwave B.V and Static Telecom.

His expertise spans Value Added Services, Wholesale Voice, SMS Hubbing, Software Applications Development and Fintech covering a wide-range of businesses including mobile operators, national regulatory entities, retail service vendors and system integrators.

He has extensive experience in the Middle East & Africa, The Far East, Pacific Rim, USA and the Caribbean. He is an Investor in a number of HPSU Businesses in Ireland and is currently advising on a number of projects in the Middle East and Africa.

He holds a Master of Business Administration – MBA from Trinity College Dublin.